Eerste nestje Nimba El-Faiyum

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Pups Nimba El-Faiyum 2021 (6 weken)

Vader van het nestje

19 februari 2016

Britta en Achim Käsback te Lindlar in Duitsland
Kennel Wakati Mzuri

Dolf en Jenny Bieker te Bonn in Duitsland

Sambo’s father is the multiple Champion Mafinga Hombarume ‘Hunter’, bred in the Netherlands by Martine Harm in kennel ‘Mafinga Rhodesian Ridgeback’. His owners are Hans Miete and Laura Rump. Hunter lives in the Netherlands.

Sambo’s mother is the Champion bitch Wakati Mzuri Finest XoXo Zola, bred and owned by Britta und Achim Käsbach in German kennel ‘Wakati Mzuri Rhodesian Ridgebacks’.

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Gezondheid en DNA
ED: 0/0
JME: N/n
OCD: free
LTV: free
EOAD: clear
Haemophilia B: free
D-locus: (Blue Dilute) D/D
B-locus: (Livernose) B/B
Ridge gen: R/r
Ultrasound heart: NAD (= no abnormality detected)

Schofthoogte: 66 cm
Gewicht: 44 kilo
Gebit: Compleet schaargebit

Ortenau Youthwinner 2017
Alpen Youthwinner 2017
Youthwinner Hannover 2017
Annual Trophy Junior Winner 2017
BIS Champion

Over Sambo 

Wakati Mzuri Jazua Aike is de reu die we zullen gebruiken voor het nestje van 2021. Zijn roepnaam is Sambo. Sambo is a beautiful male. Judges & breed specialists have pointed out in several critiques:

“Sambo is middle-sized, elegant, has a scissorr bite, correct brown eyes corresponding to the coat, an excellent pigment, masculine head, ears & tail propperly fitted, excellent ridge, excellent pre-chest and chest. Very strong neck and back, excellent topline, very excellent rear angulations. Very well muscled. Excellent mover with drive. Friendly temperament, correct character and excellent expression.”.

Sambo 1

Sambo is a well balanced, calm and stable dog. He is friendly and relaxed in new situations. We have been on family holidays with him several times in foreign countries, where he had to deal with long journeys (with three ‘little’ children) and JRT Emil, in our caravan, going by ferry, he had to cope with crowded camping spaces, crowded beaches with playing children and other dogs. Sometimes in the caravan, sometimes in the hotel or even in the tent.

Furthermore as you can see we travel a lot to dogs shows locally and also to different countries, some of them in noisy and crowded halls, in the ring with several other males, staying over-night in hotel rooms. Sometimes we travel with our complete family, sometimes with Sambo’s breeder Britta Käsbach and the dog family. We take him with us everywhere we go, to a restaurant or to a mall for shopping. Never experienced any problems with him.

Sambo lives together with our Jack Russel Terrier, Emil, who is nearly 13 years old and there is no question about who the boss is. Of course the JRT. We have also another Rhodesian Ridgeback male Botha (Wakati Mzuri Mabou’s Botha).

With children Sambo is very familiar. Our youngest son turned half a year, when Sambo came to us in 2016 as a pup. Actually he grew up with him, his brother and sister, then aged 4 and 6 years. Especially very young children can be a rough challenge for (young) dogs and especially very young children and babies are challenging.

Children might jump and run around all the sudden through the house and garden, throw sticks or chase each other, where the dog is actually not supposed to catch neither the stick nor the child!

Sambo got used to the buggy pace, to several visits of neighbourhood children, to childrens hands filled with yummy things and to a lot of other things. Sambo went through all that very normal and cool. He loves to jump in the trampoline with the children.

Sambo is sociable with other dogs. He behaves friendly and is interested in pups, is very charming with females and is respecting elderly dogs. He is also very fond of castrated dogs and plays with them. Now he has grown to a handsome adult male.

Towards strangers Sambo is a little reserved at first sight, but after a couple of minutes it is o.k. Of course he would stop strangers trying enter our premises when we are not around, but if we tell him it is ok, he accepts it.

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